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putting science into assortment planning

Welcome to Assortment x Algorithms. We offer Algorithms as a Service (AaaS) to assist retailers and manufacturers in data-driven assortment and product line planning.

what we do

Assortment x Algorithms is a cloud-based suite of algorithms for assortment planning. The algorithms are based on world-class scientific research by our founder.

They provide business value for retailers and manufacturers by moving them from looking back (what happened?) to looking forward (how can we make it happen?).

The algorithms are accessible through your own IT systems via an API. Data can be uploaded to our secure cloud environment and the results from our scalable algorithms can easily be introduced into your own business processes and systems. Partnering with Assortment x Algorithms means moving from data to actionable insights.

our solutions

demand drivers

Get insights into demand drivers such as brand attractiveness, price elasticity, and promotional lift at the individual store level. Assess the nature and degree of substution and cannibalization per store.

scenario planning

Determine the impact of an assortment change or adjustment of the marketing mix on demand. Decompose these effects into primary demand, substitution, and cannibalization.

assortment optimization

Determine optimal assortment per store (cluster), while considering new product introductions. Consider own objectives (e.g., market share) and constraints (e.g., space limitations) and those from trading partners

white spot optimization

Figure out white spots (unmet demand) per retail account. Demand-driven innovation that considers differences between stores rather than a one-size fits all push model to innovation.

"Succeeding in the retail business means being good on a number of dimensions -- service, pricing, marketing, and location selection (in the case of bricks & mortar stores), but assortment in retailing is number one."

— Harvard Business Review